About Wires

Simple, familiar tools
Take note of your app ideas visually with the templates and buttons you’re already accustomed to seeing every day. No need to learn complicated controls or techniques. Annotations let you take notes of the details you don’t want to forget.

Focus on the big picture
Don’t get bogged down in the details until you know the idea is worth it. By using only grayscale placeholders, you can keep a bird’s eye view of your idea until you’re ready to take it a step further.

Explain and share with others
Whether you’re just bouncing around an idea by yourself or you have a creative team working together, Wires helps you explain your idea and then share it with anyone via PDF.



Q: Why use Wires?
A: App ideas are just like any other ideas - it’s takes many of them to get a good one. Instead of forcing your app idea to fit into a text field on your phone or awkwardly drawing it on a napkin, use Wires to make a quick note of your app idea in a way that can capture both text and layout. Wires helps you decide which app ideas are worth pursuing into the wireframing and prototyping stages with a designer or developer.

Q: Do I need experience in app development to use Wires?
A: Wires doesn’t require any design or development experience. It simply allows you to sketch the concepts behind your idea. Wires uses familiar templates, buttons, and shapes to help you mock up your idea faster than you could on paper, and with a much prettier result. Wires is a quick, easy-to-use visual guide to refining your idea.

Q: When will Wires be available to download?
A: We are in beta testing right now, with a public release in late spring. An Android version will be coming later in 2015.

Q: How much does Wires cost?
A: Wires is free to download and assemble one app idea. Have more ideas? For $4.99, unlock 100 simultaneous app ideas.

Q: Can I see Wires before you release it?
A: We are currently beta testing. If you’d like to join, sign up here.

Q: How do I share my app idea with someone?
A: Wires exports your ideas and annotations to a PDF that can be emailed to anyone on any device.

Q: I’m a professional in app development. How can Wires work for me?
A: Wires should be the first step in exploring your app idea. We believe wireframing and prototyping are valuable parts of the development process, and Wires will help you decide which ideas are worth pursuing into these stages. Our next product will be a desktop version for professionals like yourself, so stay tuned for more advanced and collaborative tools!